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AFGHANISTAN: Christians to be executed – fact or fiction?

A message is currently circulating on social media referring to 22 Christians being sentenced to death in Afghanistan and believers being beheaded in Queragosh, Iraq.  Both incidents are indeed actual events, but it took place more than a decade ago. 

New Cabinet Appointments Hold Promise for SA!

While opposition will feel obliged to find fault and undermine efforts by government to gain the confidence of the people, the new appointments appear to be well-considered and wise choices.

Cyril Ramaphosa – 7 Facts South Africans need to know

“Cyril,” says Anthony Butler “is the Forrest Gump of South African political history.” Here are seven building blocks to use as we pray for the man who is leading South Africa in an extremely volatile and uncertain season.


Imagine receiving a black outlined picture, together with a bunch of coloured crayons, of a shopping center going up in flames. What will you add?

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