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Are you woke? If by some chance you’re not sure what that means, let me bring you up to speed…But first, a story illustrating the reality of where we are at, and then a bit of backstory as to how we got here.  This will be followed by an explanation of the core tenets of this worldview (with reference to the Gospel) and conclude with implications for cultural mission.


Creating Conventional Narratives and making people believe what they want to believe is not just a by-product of the war in Ukraine, it has become a weapon of war.

A Christian Response:  From Imago Dei to Virtual Imago Hominis

There’s been a lot of hype around Mark Zuckerberg’s latest endeavour of creating a “metaverse” through which he wants to bring what was originally science-fiction into the world of reality. Some believers followed suit and new “virtual churches” were born. How do we respond by not missing an opportunity for the Gospel but also not missing the point of the Gospel?

Videos of the Taliban Executing their Opposition: True or false?

A number of videos of men being publicly executed by masked “Taliban” soldiers in “Afghanistan” are currently circulating on social media.   We have received multiple requests to verify these videos.