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AFGHANISTAN: Christians to be executed – fact or fiction?

A message is currently circulating on social media referring to 22 Christians being sentenced to death in Afghanistan and believers being beheaded in Queragosh, Iraq.  Both incidents are indeed actual events, but it took place more than a decade ago. 


Imagine receiving a black outlined picture, together with a bunch of coloured crayons, of a shopping center going up in flames. What will you add?

Christianity 101: Our Politics Can Cause Us To Forget Who We Are.

When Christians respond to political issues they tend to do so from a cultural or party perspective and not primarily from a Christian perspective. Ephesians 4 provides the solution.

Will the Real 666 Please Stand Up? 

This article hopes to provide a template that we can use to see what conditions need to be met before we can positively say “this could well be 666.”