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Our contacts in India will purchase oxygen cylinders to assist people in their homes.  It opens the door for the Gospel of Christ to enter the hearts and homes of families in an equal non-invasive way. 

FROM SEED TO FRUIT: Surprising developments in Christian missions

The global faith community has transformed.  The Gospel seed that was faithfully sown through centuries of sacrifice is not only bearing fruit, but being multiplied.  Receiving nations have now become sending nations.

FARM MURDERS: Taking revenge – like Jesus did

Christians are not people who passively accept ridicule, persecution, and affliction. They retaliate! But they do not retaliate with the weapons or the attitudes of the world.

TWINNING – A post COVID-19 approach to missions

INTRODUCTION At the heart of the Church is an interdependent community of people with a world-wide vision. This commitment to live with an open Bible on a large open map makes an important contribution to global missions.  But this also requires an open mind and an open hand – SIGNIFICANT exposure and STRATEGIC partnerships When…
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