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At this time when two Justices have reached retirement age, Chief Justice Mogoeng as well as Justice Japhta, there is some concern as to whether it is possible that we have reached the end of an era of excellent judges in South Africa

LEARNINGS FROM KABUL: An unwelcome warning from an unlikely source

Is it just possible that God might be allowing the events of Kabul to shake up the Western church for a ‘Jeremiah moment’ – a time to receive an unwelcome warning from an unlikely source?

A Christian Insight Into the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and the Hate Speech Bill.

This highly contested piece of draft legislation has generated a large amount of debate. A former Member of Parliament provides some insights

AFGHANISTAN: Six subtle dangers when Christians confuse compassion with pity

Feeling sorry for the people of Afghanistan is not Biblical. Having compassion is. And there is a big difference.

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