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A Christian perspective on the newly debated 18th Amendment Bill (expropriation of land without compensation)

Members of the National Assembly will debate and vote today (Tuesday 7 December at 2pm) on the Constitution 18th Amendment Bill that seeks to amend section 25 of the Constitution so as to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation. How do we as Christians view this Bill to pursue a shared future for all?


The greatest gift we all have to offer during this season of advent, in equal measures, regardless of our wealth, health, position or status, is PRAYER.  What a wonderful gift of love, solidarity and compassion. In the same way that we so eagerly open our advent calendar every December with a gift, a sweet, or a word for the day, let’s make an advent prayer-full-calendar this season, praying for the marginalized, vulnerable and persecuted.

SOUTH AFRICAN ELECTIONS 2021 – A gradual shift to a shared future

The 2021 municipal election campaigns highlighted the diversity of South Africa and the perceived racial divides. For those who expected a more drastic change in local and national government, there is still enough reason to give thanks and pursue a shared future with confidence

VOTING YOUR HOPES, NOT YOUR FEARS: Local Elections, Party Politics and Small beginnings. 

The bottom line for us as believers in the upcoming Municipal Elections is to vote for our hopes, not our fears.