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The POPI Act and my ministry: Control or Protection?

If your church, charity, or organisation is in possession of a database with names and information, then you are legally required to comply with the POPI Act. Here is the how and the why!

The Sub-Saharan Terror Pandemic – Sporadic or Islamic?

On Tuesday 6 April, RSG, South Africa’s National Afrikaans Broadcaster, interviewed Mr. Ganief Hendricks – member of Parliament and present leader of  Al Jama-ah political party.  The interview related to the recent attacks in Mozambique and how the media would, according to Mr. Hendricks, falsely refer to the attackers as Islamic insurgents and Muslim Radicals. …
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The Old, Rugged Cross for the 21St Century

In many ways we are in the Thursday evening of Holy Week.

LAND EXPROPRIATION: Where does SA stand re Trends and Standards?

The Bible clearly supports the view that there is nothing more important to the life of a people than land, and that land is essential for a nation to exist and an economy to prosper.

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