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Mr.Ramaphosa: A Perspective on the Cover-up Allegations

Is this Arthur Fraser’s attempt to get back at Ramaphosa or to put pressure on government to, as Basson suggests, “leave him alone if he leaves Ramaphosa alone”?


A two-day seminar on OBSERVING and COMMUNICATING GLOBAL EVENTS from a Christian perspective.


Creating Conventional Narratives and making people believe what they want to believe is not just a by-product of the war in Ukraine, it has become a weapon of war.

RUSSIA – UKRAINE: Contemplating the future

Russia might invade Ukraine, or it might decide to stop the war games and withdraw its troops. Nobody knows.  But what is clear, is that the ongoing aggression has created an explosive scenario that will be difficult to contain.  The question to ask, therefore, is not whether there will be a war or not, but, if there is a war, are Christians ready to play their part in being peace-makers and bringing in the harvest?