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ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU: A mark left on a nation in need of healing

Twenty-plus years ago, knowing little about Desmond Tutu, I had a shallow and bigoted view of the Arch. I had heard only what legalistic, pessimistic, and ‘fearful’ Christians had to say about him and little else. Since then my respect and appreciation grew over the years. Today I cringe at my uninformed, biased and self-righteous attitude and tend to think, despite his human failings, he may well be in the presence of his maker right now hearing the words, “well done good and faithful servant”.

AFRICA: Home to the future of faith?

25 May is annually celebrated as Africa Day. Here are the facts and numbers of a continent on the move.

Defend Our Democracy SA Campaign – A Christian response

As Christians our relevance in today’s world depends on us responding to situations in real-time but we also know there is a bigger picture and our goals will always have longer-term implications.

“If Syria is a garden of flowers, then the church is the rose.  The fragrance of which is reaching even those in government.” – Pastor in Aleppo On 15 March 2011, major unrest erupted across the streets of Deraa, Damascus and Aleppo, with protesters demanding democratic reforms and the release of political prisoners.  Today, ten…
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