Instagram Lite for the Gospel

Instagram Lite for the Gospel

At dia-LOGOS we continuously explore new ways of sharing the Good News of the Gospel.  Japie Swanepoel at Digital4Christ wrote the following article to assist believers in identifying new initiatives, using Social Media in a creative way.   

Instagram Lite for the Gospel

Facebook recently announced that they were launching Instagram Lite in 170 countries.

What does this mean?

It means that many people who have not yet been able to use Instagram due to slower networks in their countries or because they could not afford the data, can now do so.  Instagram Lite can run on 2G networks ( most countries are on 4G and rolling out 5G has begun in Europe and in some parts of SA already).

The app requires only 2MB where-as the regular Instagram requires 30MB.

When I read this article in yesterday’s Sunday Times ( 14 March 2021), all I could think was: what a great new avenue for the Gospel to reach the unsaved. This Lite version will specifically enable many people in India, Asia, Latin America, and yes in Africa to use Instagram.

Sure, now those users will be exposed to all that Instagram has to offer, the good, the bad and the ugly as well.  But surely this is one amazing opportunity to reach the youth and young adults for Jesus.

In South Africa alone, 25 million people use social media actively, on average 3h32 every day. 69,2% of those are between 13 and 34 years old.  Instagram had 5.43 million users as of January 2021, up by almost 35% from January 2020.

So, let us think of creative ways to use our existing content, create new content and make it user friendly for young Christians and non-believers to want to engage and interact with the content, all with the single-minded aim of reaching the world for Jesus.

Rather than blaming social media for the many ills of this world, we should be focusing on how we as Christ-led organisations can embrace social media to make a difference in the lives of the many billions who use social media on a daily basis.

What will your organisation do to address this audience on these platforms?

Japie Swanepoel



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