“What is behind your eyes holds more power than what is in front of them.” – Gary Zukav

To gather together as believers and contemplate God’s redemptive purposes in a world that seems to be spinning out of control.  We tend to observe, and interpret, global events as isolated occurrences, disconnected from, and unrelated to one another.  Once we change our position and seek an angle that will align the events into a redemptive picture, we will discover a God at work that will surprise even the fiercest sceptic.

The interpretation and reporting of news will therefore require more than just information; it will require a repositioning, a realignment. and a renewal of the mind.

Consider the following:

  • Is it possible that the Ukraine/ Russia war could lead to a renewed faith awareness in Europe?
  • What connection exists between Syrian refugees and Ukrainian refugees flooding into Germany?
  • Is there a redemptive link between a century of persecution in China and the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan?
  • What about COVID-19 and a disillusioned generation in Iran?
  • How will the WOKE movement influence the church in the West?
  • If God appoints leaders for seasons, where does Mr. Jacob Zuma fit into the picture?


This seminar will address the following topics:

  • What is Anamorphic Media?  (Mike Burnard)
  • Global Overview – The world as we (don’t) know it  (Mike Burnard)
  • Our understanding of past events – The past as we (ought to) have interpreted it (Mike Burnard)
  • Our intuition for future events – The Future as we (could) forecast it  (Andrew Richards)
  • Different narratives – A global warfare on our (subconscious) alliances (Mike Burnard)
  • Our approach to watching the news – A Spiritual guide on how we (should) respond (Mike Burnard)
  • The SPOKES of WOKE – Waking up to the (subtle) WOKE Movement  (Rev. Richard Baird)
  • An Anamorphic South Africa –  God at work in a (seemingly) hopeless nation.  (Cheryllyn Dudley)
  • Our response– Ethical guidelines on how we’re (supposed to) report news  (Andrew Richards)


Mike Burnard – Analytical Strategist at dia-LOGOS

Veteran missionary with more than 40 years experience in closed countries, author and investigative journalist.

Cheryllyn Dudley – Political Analyst at dia-LOGOS. 

Veteran politician that served as a Member of Parliament in South Africa for 20 years.  She has been a member of the International Panel of Parliamentarians on freedom of religion & belief (IPPForb) since 2011.


Rev Richard Baird – Church and Culture consultant at dia-LOGOS. 

Pastor and leader, exploring and encouraging Christian responses to cultural issues that we face, believing that we need All of Christ for All of life.

Andrew Richards – Founder and Ministry leader at INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC FORESIGHT.

Served as head of research at Incontext International for 10 years before launching ISF



  • Dates:  
    • Friday 24 June 2022 – starts at 12:30
    • Saturday 25 June – from 08:30 – 16:00
  • Venue:    George Golf Club – George
  • Contact:  Mike 082 865 7380
  • Costs: 
    • R350.00 p/p
    • R600.00 p/couple
    • R250.00 per student
  • Includes Saturday light lunch, break refreshments and conference material 
  • Price excludes accommodation, transport and additional meals.  Dia-LOGOS will gladly assist with arrangements
  • Register:  send an email to with your name, telephone number, and email address
    • All details will be sent upon registration


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