Mr.Ramaphosa: A Perspective on the Cover-up Allegations

Mr.Ramaphosa: A Perspective on the Cover-up Allegations

“I have never stolen from anywhere,” said President Cyril Ramaphosa, in response to the claims of money laundering, kidnapping and corruption over the theft of $4-million at his game farm in February 2020, claiming it was politically motivated.

He was speaking at the ANC’s Limpopo conference on Sunday evening, regarding the case opened by former spy boss and prisons head Arthur Fraser.

Ramaphosa said this was part of a political ploy to cast aspersion on him because of his undeterred fight against corruption.

Fraser is a close ally of former president Jacob Zuma. His release of the former head of state on medical parole after he was jailed for contempt of court was declared unlawful by the high court and Fraser’s contract as national commissioner of correctional services was not renewed earlier this year.

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Through my eyes: Perspectives on Cover-up Allegations

Cheryllyn Dudley (former MP, Author, political analyst for DiaLOGOS)

“It has been said that it wasn’t the Watergate scandal as such that brought former US president Richard Nixon to a fall, but his attempts to cover up the scandal.” Adriaan Basson, editor-in-chief News24

Could this be our Presidents ‘Nixon Moment’?

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser’s affidavit, in which he accuses President Cyril Ramaphosa of money laundering, corruption and kidnapping is concerning for a number of reasons. Not least of which is the headway being made in our country’s pushback against corruption.

Former spy boss, Arthur Fraser’s claim that he has evidence of the president instructing his head of security to conceal a crime of which he was a victim by paying off the alleged criminals to keep silent, is a serious allegation and a cause for concern. At the same time, it is important to remember that Chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s report into corruption is not likely to place Fraser in a good light. Fraser was accused, under oath, at the Zondo Commission of overseeing the large-scale looting of the SSA for political and personal enrichment. So it is entirely possible that this is Fraser’s attempt to get back at Ramaphosa or to put pressure on government to, as Basson suggests, “leave him alone if he leaves Ramaphosa alone”.

Both Fraser’s motives and the very serious claims against the president and his security establishment must be thoroughly investigated.

As Ramaphosa prepares to campaign for re-election at the ANC’s elective conference in December, digging up dirt on him is to be expected as many within the ANC have a stake in ensuring corruption investigations grind to a halt, including the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) grouping in the ANC, who are sympathetic to former president Jacob Zuma. The RET will it seems be likely to support Zweli Mkhize for President (who is embroiled in a corruption scandal himself).

This being said does not lessen the need for the allegations against the president to be thoroughly investigated by an independent police. Ramaphosa says he instructed Rhoode, his closest protector who oversees his entire security establishment, to investigate the burglary at his farm. Rhoode who, also has a questionable past has yet to respond to Fraser’s affidavit.

It is sad but true that human beings are prone to making bad decisions and too often fall prey to the temptation to cover up their mistakes, convincing ourselves that in so doing it will be in every ones best interests. The coverup and not the deed usually being our downfall. The only way out is to be brutally honest with ourselves and dare to admit to our failures – the sooner the better but also better late than never. There will always be consequences but also the grace and mercy of a loving God if we place our trust in Him.

I will be praying:
* for our President and all who are involved in not only this incident but cover-ups of all kinds, small and large;
* for grace and mercy and that ‘Gods Will’ be done;
* that people will turn to God, that hearts will be touched and lives changed;
* that people will find the courage to search for truth in themselves as well as in others and
* that we will not give up on each other when our ‘fallenness’ is showing and we are most in need of redemption.

What our ‘One enemy’ means for our destruction individually and collectively, God can and wants to use for our Good.


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