INDIA:  “Skyrocketing COVID cases and a lack of oxygen turn India into “a living hell”.

This was the news headline of CBS news on Saturday 24 April.  India has become the new epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. The world’s second-most populous country reported more than 345,147 new COVID-19 cases on Friday 23 April (total now 16,6 million) and 2,261 new deaths (total now 190,000).

But the disastrous consequences of this second wave far exceed the number of new infections.  The country’s health care system has collapsed with widespread shortages of oxygen, medicines, ventilators and hospital beds. Heartbreaking scenes are flooding India’s news with bodies being stacked on piles of wood to be cremated as quickly as possible

Independent journalist Smita Sharma told CBS News:  “I think there’s one way to describe it: It’s a living hell. It’s a nightmare,” she said from her home in New Delhi. “It’s traumatic for all of us. We are all very, very scared at this point in time.”

The health system is extremely stressed across West Bengal and is almost collapsing in some of the cities. There is a huge shortage of ICU beds, oxygen supply, vaccines and even spaces in cremation grounds.


India remains one of the most unreached nations on earth with more than 2,400 people groups – out of the 2,717 people groups in India  – still unreached and untouched by the Gospel of Jesus.  This translates to 1,31 billion unreached people – 95.6% of the total population of 1,37 billion people80.5% of the population is Hindu with only 2.0% confessing to be Evangelical Christian.

The hardship of this COVID hell does provide a unique opportunity for Christians to reach out with the love of Jesus and Church leaders in India are crying for support to reach out to their neighbours.  This is a Kairos moment for the Church in India and it is our joy and privilege to strengthen, support and encourage them during this time

We received the following message from our contact in West Bengal (not edited): 

Me and my family doing well and safe from Coronaviruses but we are really feeling helpless.  Please keep praying for West Bengal and India.  Now COVID cases are increasing every day and most of the people are affected by COVID and our hospitals have no beds available and all hospital have oxygen crisis

Please pray for our ministry leaders, groups, and church members who suffer.  We have lost 10 of our church and ministry members in the last 15 days because of COVID.  Every day lot of people’s die by COVID, so please keep praying for us as we have a need for COVID vaccine and oxygen cylinder with other necessary medications.  Really, we are feeling helpless,

We need your help immediately, before, during and after vaccines and oxygenation are available – to continue this life-saving work.

Please pray for the urgent need for Recovery together from deaths to life from COVID.

At dia-LOGOS we have decided to extend Project Breath of Life to India as well.  Will you consider supporting this project and bringing the BREATH OF LIFE to those who seek life.


Our contacts expressed the following immediate needs:

  • Emergency personal protective equipment such as hand sanitisers, soap, and disinfectant sprays.  Nutritious meals including cooked meals and dry rations.  Supplies of masks and soap to 150 families –  $20 (R285.00) per family 
  • Emergency Oxygen Cylinder, 10.2 Litres (B Type) Mild Steel. – $86 (R1,230.00) per unit. 
  • Emergency Oxygen Cylinder, 4.5 Litres – Aluminium – $65 (930.00) per unit.

All funds will be used to empower the local Church and ministry partners to support these communities through this time of challenge.  Please know that 100% of your sending funds will be used to assist people with their practical needs

To make a donation use the following account:



Lebanon, in the past year, has been sucked into a maelstrom of economic and political turmoil that has left more than 50 percent of the population below the poverty line.  The August 4 Beirut blast devastated the Lebanese people with more than 300,000 being left homeless in a matter of seconds.  What few news sources reported on was the fact that the explosion necessitated people to mix and hampered all efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus.

Though cases had been steadily rising before the blast, it is true that protective measures largely went out of the window as people worked to remove family, friends, and strangers from the rubble of their city, and medical professionals provided them with care in overwhelmed hospitals.  Few people were spared.  In the aftermath of the blast, daily cases shot up to the mid-to-high hundreds, then up to more than 1,000 later in August.

On Wednesday 28 October, Lebanon recorded 1,850 COVID19 cases – its highest daily total to date.  More than half of the countries cases and deaths occurred in the past month alone, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.  Lebanon is in need, desperate need, for a breath of life, in more than one way

  • For many in Lebanon, this is a crisis beyond compare. 
  • For the Church in Lebanon, this is an opportunity of a life-time. 

One of our partner churches in Beirut has decided to purchase lightweight, versatile, and easy to use, oxygen ventilators to provide non-invasive ventilator support for people in their homes – as well as the the many disadvantaged refugees. It provides a unique opportunity to reflect the love of Christ to people in their time of need, not only providing spiritual comfort but also proving the basic source of life, oxygen.  It opens previously closed doors for the Gospel of Christ to penetrate hearts and enter homes in an equal non-invasive way. 

The church will also purchase pulse oximeters, a small device that can measure the oxygen saturation in your blood.   Pulse oximetry is useful for people who struggles breathing, who need to monitor how well oxygen is being sent from the heart and lungs out to the furthest parts of the body. 

The cost of an Oxygen Ventilator is $700.00 (R12,000.00) and we at dia-LOGOS see this is a wonderful opportunity to join the Lebanese Church in their endeavours to BE the answer to so many prayers in this troubled region

Will you consider supporting this project and bringing the BREATH OF LIFE to those who seek life.




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