1 Corinthians 12:26-27  If one part of the body suffers, all the other parts suffer with it; if one part is praised, all the other parts share its happiness.  All of you are Christ’s body, and each one is a part of it.

On 19 January Open Doors International released the annual World Watch List which ranks the top 50 countries where it is most dangerous to profess and practice the Christian faith.  Released at the beginning of each year, the list uses data from Open Doors field workers and external experts to quantify and analyse persecution worldwide.

Even though North Korean persecution of Christians is at an all-time high, it dropped down to number 2 after 20 years being number 1.  Afghanistan now takes the lead for persecution of Christians, thanks to the Taliban takeover in August 2021. 

The top 10 list of countries where persecution is the highest are as follows:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. North Korea
  3. Somalia
  4. Libya
  5. Yemen
  6. Eritrea
  7. Nigeria
  8. Pakistan
  9. Iran
  10. India

In just the last year, the following incidents were recorded:

  • Over 360 million Christians living in places where they experience high levels of persecution and discrimination
  • 5,898 Christians were martyred for their faith
  • 5,110 churches and other Christian buildings were attacked
  • 6,175 believers were detained without trial, arrested, sentenced or imprisoned because of their Christian witness
  • 3,829 Christians were abducted

These numbers are heart-breaking. And yet, they do not tell the whole story.  Millions live in isolation, fear, and loneliness, like sheep without a shepherd[1].  In all of these nations, we also have those who serve in leadership roles in seeking to promote Jesus and His Gospel.  You can imagine how challenging it must be.  Christian leaders face the daily challenges of intense pressures and persecution and yet have to care for those in the flocks who expect them to lead with courage, boldness, and wisdom

For many there simply is no opportunity to escape the “lion’s den” for a time of rest, renewal, and reflection.  Working in restricted regions, under an ever-present cloud of suffering, is like swimming underwater:  moments to breathe are rare.  Often the only request we receive from workers in restricted countries is for an opportunity to “surface and breathe again”.  Every moment with fellow believers from the outside, every moment of fellowship, gives them oxygen to dive deep again.  Some of the incidents might seem insignificant, but we as a Church in freedom need to make this a priority:  not to remove persecution but secure “oxygen” that will allow the persecuted Church to continue faithfully, over and over again.

This is the foundational principle of PROJECT GREEN PASTURES

Dia-LOGOS, in partnership with Shepherd Foundation (a ministry to assist those who promote gospel values), is therefore pleased to launch Project Green Pastures, taken from Psalm 23:2. 

This project is a long term project which aims to cover all travel and accommodation expenses for leaders, workers and ministers serving in persecuted nations (especially those serving in the top ten) and to provide them with an opportunity to enter into a place of rest, fellowship, and to simply relax, reflect and “breathe” again before diving deep and heading back home. 

We, therefore, make an appeal to all who enjoy the liberty of faith and the freedom of fellowship to invest in a worker who shares the cross of Christ on our behalf.  

As a team, we have identified a couple serving in a nation where persecution is rife and we are pleased to announce that we will soon be flying them to South Africa and provide them with an opportunity to experience the hospitality and generosity of the body of Christ in South Africa.  We will bless them, spoil them, pray with them and for them, and allow them to spend time with God in the freedom of their own personal space. 

But we need your support and hereby make an appeal to support us in this initiative.  We simply cannot do it alone.  Should you feel led to contribute to this, please click on the link below or pay into the following account:

  • Name:  DIA LOGOS 
  • Bank:  First National Bank
  • Branch: 210835
  • Acc number: 62875701205
  • Reference: PGP  + email address


If you would like to know more about Shepherd Foundation, please contact Richard at

[1] Mark 6:34  When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.


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