During the past week we, at dia-LOGOS, had an urgent request from our partnering Church in Beirut, Lebanon, to launch a project for the Church in Ukraine.  At dia-LOGOS we aim to partner with the Church in Lebanon in their endeavours to assist and strengthen the Church Ukraine.  This is a unique project where the aim is not raise funds FOR the Church in Lebanon but to raise funds WITH the church in Lebanon. 


The rise and adoration of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the eyes of the Western world are equal to none.  A former comedian and actor, virtually unknown to the world outside his own country, achieved star status in 4 weeks and is now the hero in the Whitehouse and idolised in Europe. But what do Ukrainians think?

UKRAINE – RUSSIA: Six Narratives To Consider

The conflict in Ukraine has brought the world to a standstill. There is however another war at play. A war of narratives. Here are SIX narratives to consider

RUSSIA – UKRAINE: Contemplating the future

Russia might invade Ukraine, or it might decide to stop the war games and withdraw its troops. Nobody knows.  But what is clear, is that the ongoing aggression has created an explosive scenario that will be difficult to contain.  The question to ask, therefore, is not whether there will be a war or not, but, if there is a war, are Christians ready to play their part in being peace-makers and bringing in the harvest?