The Sub-Saharan Terror Pandemic – Sporadic or Islamic?

On Tuesday 6 April, RSG, South Africa’s National Afrikaans Broadcaster, interviewed Mr. Ganief Hendricks – member of Parliament and present leader of  Al Jama-ah political party.  The interview related to the recent attacks in Mozambique and how the media would, according to Mr. Hendricks, falsely refer to the attackers as Islamic insurgents and Muslim Radicals. …
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The Old, Rugged Cross for the 21St Century

In many ways we are in the Thursday evening of Holy Week.


“If Syria is a garden of flowers, then the church is the rose.  The fragrance of which is reaching even those in government.” – Pastor in Aleppo On 15 March 2011, major unrest erupted across the streets of Deraa, Damascus and Aleppo, with protesters demanding democratic reforms and the release of political prisoners.  Today, ten…
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Instagram Lite for the Gospel

At dia-LOGOS we continuously explore new ways of sharing the Good News of the Gospel.  Japie Swanepoel at Digital4Christ wrote the following article to assist believers in identifying new initiatives, using Social Media in a creative way.    Instagram Lite for the Gospel Facebook recently announced that they were launching Instagram Lite in 170 countries.…
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