Five ‘GREAT DIVIDES’ – that will shape 2022

A pandemic not verbalised often enough is the Great Divide that separates people globally.  As humans, with all the technology and history at our disposal, it seems to be more impossible than ever before to cross the great divide.  Even within like-minded people, there are GREAT DIVIDES. Here are 5

THE ZONDO COMMISSION – A helpful summary of the evidence, conclusions and recommendations

Cheryllyn Dudley, Political Analyst at dia-LOGOS, has undertaken the momentous and painstakingly task of producing an easy-to-read, 8 page summary of the 800 pages, 4 volumes, which make up part one of the Zondo Commission State Capture Report.

ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU: A mark left on a nation in need of healing

Twenty-plus years ago, knowing little about Desmond Tutu, I had a shallow and bigoted view of the Arch. I had heard only what legalistic, pessimistic, and ‘fearful’ Christians had to say about him and little else. Since then my respect and appreciation grew over the years. Today I cringe at my uninformed, biased and self-righteous attitude and tend to think, despite his human failings, he may well be in the presence of his maker right now hearing the words, “well done good and faithful servant”.


One of the most strategic events of 2021, on 16 December, will go down in history as a turning point in the Islamic faith – it represents THE GREAT ISLAMIC REFORMATION.  The next few years will be a defining season, not only for Saudi Arabia but for the process of a reformation within Islam and a clash of theologies.