WORLD REFUGEE DAY:  A Call to compassion

World Refugee Day is held every year on 20 June. But, before understanding the realities of the global displaced communities, it is important to press the pause button for a moment and embrace a Christ consciousness. 

ISRAEL:  Navigating a new leadership

How will the new coalition govern given the diversity and differing agenda of the 8 partners and how will pro-Israel evangelicals react to the post-Bibi era?

#SAElection2021: How will Christian involvement make a difference?

How we face what we face is more important than what we face – ‘overcomers’ will find life is full of opportunities to overcome.  In the coming elections, we are not called to wave ‘magic wands’ but to face many challenges, to be courageous as we dare to love our neighbours and our enemies.


Cheryllyn Dudley, Member of Parliament in South Africa (June 1999 to May 2019) and currently serving as Political Analyst at dia-LOGOS, responds to the presumed threat PEPUDA holds to freedom of religion in South Africa

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